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RBC Resources LLC

Energy Infrastructure Development and Management

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RBC Resources LLC

RBC Resources LLC is a company formed to fill the need for energy infrastructure development expertise largely in the Southeastern United States.More specifically, by utilizing the experience of its principal and associates, RBC Resources to develop long term solutions to the mid-stream energy needs of a growing customer base primarily in the Southeast.

In addition to the expertise required to develop and manage, RBC Resources can provide or assist in providing the capital resources needed to fund and operate a variety of energy related projects. It is also equipped to provide extensive organizational leadership and management analysis and recommendation.

Existing and Past Clients
SourceGas, LLC
Powersouth Energy Cooperative
Southern Natural Gas
Florida Gas Utility
Seminole Electric Cooperative
PAA Natural Gas Storage
Supreme Energy
Florida Municipal Power Agency
Infinite Energy
RBC Resources LLC
522 Hobbs St
Tampa, Fl 33619
Phone (813)381-3845
Fax (813)651-3036