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RBC Resources LLC is a company formed to fill the need for energy infrastructure development largely in the southeastern United States. By utilizing the experience of its principal and associates, RBC Resources aims to develop long term solutions to gas transportation and power generation challenges. In addition to the development and ownership of energy assets, Bruce Christmas through RBC Resources provides consulting and advisory services to leaders in the energy sector. 

These services are primarily in the areas of natural gas pipeline and small power plant construction, as well as commodity acquisition and management. The firm's focus on commodity origination and trading activities as well as power, natural gas, and other commodity portfolio planning services allows it to have a meaningful impact with clients. RBC Resources provides consultation to those companies who have a need to improve efficiencies in field operations, fuel supply, management, or organizational and leadership strategies.

Bruce Christmas

Mr. Christmas has been involved in the utilities business for over 25 years. As Vice President of Operations at TECO Peoples Gas, he was responsible for directing the operations, engineering, and technical services of the largest natural gas company in Florida from 1997-2001. He then directed fuels management and strategy, including all commodity origination at Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas.  During this time, in addition to management of commodities, he was responsible for large project origination including the development and construction of TECO’s first intrastate pipeline, SeaCoast Gas Transmission. Additional noatable activities included the successful acquisition and integration of a natural gas marketing company with $800 million in annual revenue. Prior to TECO Peoples Gas, he directed all operations of West Florida Natural Gas until its acquisition by TECO.  In his 12 years of directing Natural Gas Operations, he was responsible for the largest distribution pipe expansion in Florida history as well as significant improvements to operating and construction procedures. In his current role as President of RBC Resources he regularly consults with companies of all sizes concerning their energy related operations.







Management Consulting

Work with companies to improve productivity and work processes, including the development of strategic alliances and the deployment of company assets. In the area of commodity management, we seek to organize the entity so that they are best positioned to optimize and take advantage of their position in the market.

Commercial Access & Negotiation

Assist entities with the development of strategic initiatives to market their products in the most efficient manner possible. Work to develop offerings that are compatible with market needs and negotiate appropriate agreements to finalized status. Services will substantially shorten time to market.

Project Development

Envision and develop projects that will meet the needs of various entities in the natural gas consuming and production environment. Coordinate the drafting and execution of transportation and other necessary agreements, develop preliminary routing and engineering, and negotiate appropriate contracts to facilitate all phases of development.

Strategic Analysis

Facilitate the development of company's strategic approach to the market including assessment of current market and company conditions. Compile that data into a strategic plan and vision for the company. Identify targets and facilitate due diligence efforts and acquisitions.








Northwest Florida Pipeline

In association with McLelland & Pierpont, RBC Resources envisioned and managed the development of the Northwest Florida Pipeline. The project includes approximately 35 miles of high pressure 12 inch line with throughput of 100,000 MMBtu/day. Bruce's role was negotiation and liaison with Pensacola Energy, preliminary routing and engineering, cost estimation, and construction, planning and management. 


Gas marketing ACQUISITION

RBC Resources' strategic advisory service facilitated the expansion of a multi-state retail gas marketing client in the southeast market. Bruce developed a strategy to meet the client's unique situation by identifying an acquisition target and leading negotiations. This multi-million dollar deal provided a substantial and orderly expansion into a larger market area for the client.



Eagle lng partners

Negotiated upstream pipeline capacity and supply agreements for liquefaction project currently under construction. This project includes interstate pipeline, local midstream capacity as well as a preliminary commodity supply arrangement for startup. 



Conducted an assessment of current operating practices for several electric cooperatives. In this role RBC Resources, produced recommendations on process efficiencies and realignment of fuel management organizations. Results were a more effective operation, producing a lower cost fuel component for generating assets.



Current and Former Clients

SourceGas, LLC

Powersouth Energy Cooperative

Tenaska Marketing ventures

Eagle lng Partners

Southern Natural Gas

Florida Gas Utility

Seminole Electric Cooperative

PAA Natural Gas Storage

Supreme Energy

Florida Municipal Power Agency

Infinite EnergY








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