Management Consulting

Work with companies to improve productivity and work processes, including the development of strategic alliances and the deployment of company assets. In the area of commodity management, we seek to organize the entity so that they are best positioned to optimize and take advantage of their position in the market.

Commercial Access & Negotiation

Assist entities with the development of strategic initiatives to market their products in the most efficient manner possible. Work to develop offerings that are compatible with market needs and negotiate appropriate agreements to finalized status. Services will substantially shorten time to market.

Project Development

Envision and develop projects that will meet the needs of various entities in the natural gas consuming and production environment. Coordinate the drafting and execution of transportation and other necessary agreements, develop preliminary routing and engineering, and negotiate appropriate contracts to facilitate all phases of development.

Strategic Analysis

Facilitate the development of company's strategic approach to the market including assessment of current market and company conditions. Compile that data into a strategic plan and vision for the company. Identify targets and facilitate due diligence efforts and acquisitions.